Major League Baseball wanted to increase their social media presence, and drive traffic to MLB.com.  We created Major League Baseball FanCave — an interactive online series where two baseball superfans lived a baseball dream experience in New York City.  They would watch every baseball game throughout the year, and baseball stars like David Ortiz, Nick Swisher, RA Dickey, and many more would stop to do Saturday Night Live type comedic sketches.  These sketches created a ton of buzz online, and the project was hailed as a creative advertising super success.

We launched a social media contest to find baseball’s biggest superfan.

The contest created tons of media buzz, and we received thousands of submissions.

Created a constant stream of blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, and viral videos to be shared across all social media channels.

The first season received over 100 million social media impressions, and subsequent seasons have generated even more.

Won awards for best sports media marketing.

Multiple episodes of Baseball Tonight and Sports Center filmed on set of MLB FanCave for added promotion.

Athletes and celebrities featured constantly shared links and viral videos from the series on their social media networks.  It was a constant stream of promotion to their aggregate fan bases (over 30 million fans).  All driving traffic back to MLB.com

Currently in its third season and advertised at baseball games and on TV broadcasts throughout baseball season.

Visit the website at www.MLBFanCave.com