Our client, Temple Sholom, wanted to convey that they were not just “moving to a new location”, but rather moving to an “Innovative Jewish Experience”.  Temple Sholom congregants mentioned that they were a bit nervous when confronted around town with the question “What’s going on at Temple Sholom?”.  They felt they didn’t have a concise, clear, and exciting answer.  The Blank Press made this entertaining and humorous video to give them an answer of what they could see the next time they ran into someone.  “We’re moving into an innovative Jewish experience!”.

The goal behind making this video was to further prove our client, Temple Sholom, is an innovative, unique, and incredible synagogue with national appeal; a synagogue that has their finger on the pulse of the challenges facing all modern non-profit institutions.   This video went viral online, leading our client to obtain a record amount of new members, and attracting the attention of top Jewish organizations nationwide.   This newfound attention, generated by our videos, resulted in over $500,000 of funding and donations for our client.